Organization Counselling

Organization counselling arises from the profession of Industrial Organization (I/O) Psychology, the scientific study of how organizations (small, medium or large) structure their work flow and how the interaction of finances, people, processes and technology contribute to the value, health and happiness of all stakeholders of that organization. Concurrently I/O Psychology has been focused on the study of quality of work life (QWL) balance issues that many governments and organizations alike are trying to better understand. More recently, Industrial Organization Psychology has expanded its research and influence into performance management, employee testing and assessment, workplace safety, diversity themes, effective communication - conflict resolution and sustainable development - environmental impacts.


We now understand that the human brain is more adaptable and is not "fixed" with knowledge at a certain age, thus learning and intelligence continues to grow from birth to death. And with the growing concerns of a dwindling workforce population, today's employees will be required to not only work longer beyond 60 years of age, but also continually relearn the skills that will be taught to the younger generations expediently and successfully. Industrial/Organization Psychology and other sciences are now exploring ways to take average and above-average employees and transform their social, gut and emotional intelligence factors into longer sustaining human capital assets that will have a big impact on individual performance and organization functioning


St. John's Counselling Service (SJCS) provides a QWL program for local and multi-national companies in Hong Kong to engage with the most valuable asset of those companies; their people, in a professional, realistic and optimal thinking way to improve employee well-being and organization performance. SJCS has a team of experienced organization development psychologists, clinical psychologists and therapists who have worked in and with the banking, healthcare, airline, hotel, travel, manufacturing, and service industries in areas of human capital development, strategic management, consumer behavior, training and development, and labour relations. We have over the years worked with many organizations in one to one, small and large group settings in areas of balanced scorecard, conflict resolution, team-building and teamwork, diversity, positive psychology, stress - anger management, mergers and acquisitions, employee terminations and strategic thinking to name a few.

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Our Programs

Stress - Anger Management counselling services for individuals and teams and training workshops for all types of organizations delivered by psychologists and therapists with business, banking, management and HRM experiences and qualifications.


  • Balanced Scorecard Performance Management training workshops for all types of organizations delivered by our Executive Director and training staff who has trained over 100's of multi-nationals in the development, deployment and sustainment of one of the most recognized performance improvement  - performance measurement tools.

  • Employee Assessment and Testing services for application, promotion and personnel actions in several keys areas to include cognitive, intellectual, creative, personality, behavioral and mood elements by qualified psychologists in assessment and testing.

  • Positive Psychology in the Workplace includes training and consulting services for all types of businesses to design and implement a culture and mindset for high performance, work life balance, enhanced confidence and greater synergy.

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that provides employee and family members counselling services at the work site and/or at our offices in Central which affordable prices and immediate service in areas of substance abuse, stress, mood and anxiety, burnout and other work and personal related mental health concerns.

5 Well-being Elements

Work Well-being finding autonomy, mastery and meaning and purpose in the job, career or calling one performs.


  • Social Well-being engaging with in the work and social world acquaintances, friends and family that bring a sense of belonging, safety and optimism.

  • Physical Well-being sis the daily mindful practices of diet, physical activity, play and sleep that improves the immune system and strengthen our coping skills and resilience forces.

  • Financial Well-being managing your assets and finances in a realistic way where what you spend your money on actually buys you more time for health and well-being.

  • Community Well-being being part of a community activity that gives to others and allows the development of a strong community connection.

5 Stress Reduction Activities

Brisk walk for at least 20 minutes and up to 40 minutes before sleep each night


  • Listen to something funny everyday for at least 30 minutes

  • Eat breakfast later and dinner earlier

  • Get 5 hours of deep sleep nightly

  • Get coloring - buy a mandala colouring book and become a kid again