Our Programs

  • Pre-marital

    Our pre-marital program is highly recognized in Hong Kong for all religious and non-religious couples who are getting married. The program is tailored made for each couple with two common themes: prevention topics and resilience topics with up to 10 dynamic sessions couples can possibly attend.


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    Partnership-Marriage Counselling

    Our counselling services for couples in a relationship or married is one of the most sought after in Hong Kong. The sessions are interactive, solutions-focused and each qualified counsellor uses a large set of well-proven relationship skills that enhance communication, problem solving and rebuilding intimacy, trust and safety.


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    Co-Parenting Counselling

    Our co-parenting program is recognized by the Family Court of Hong Kong and the Family Law Society in Hong Kong for its affordability, practical and straight approach in helping divorcing parents better understand how to parent their children during and after the divorce.


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    Child-Teen Counselling

    Our child and teen counselling service is one of the most highly recognized in Hong Kong for art therapy, play therapy, general counselling, counselling at school and at our centre, and family therapy. The service is provided in English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese and Hindi.


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    Substance Abuse Counselling

    Our substance abuse program is for teens and adults who have concerns over their use, over use, abuse and/or addictive behaviors with food, sex, technology, alcohol and drugs. The evidence-based model used at our centre is a behavioral medicine model, a comprehensive, realistic, affordable and effective model.


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Client Counselling Services

(Children, Teen, Adults)


Since 1997 St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service as one of the largest and oldest mental health NGO's in Hong Kong has provided safe, professional, affordable, multi-culturally sensitive and effective counselling. As a charity organization, we strive to make our fees as reasonable and affordable as possible, and our service is recognized by most insurance providers. Our counselling model embraces positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in our well-being programs whereby our clients develop prevention, sustainment and improvement techniques for their health and happiness. We are one of the few counselling services in Hong Kong that has a dedicated team of mental health professionals that process daily inquiries to ensure our clients are assigned to the most qualified counsellor for their needs as well as a clinical social worker who interacts with the multitude of local and international healthcare, legal, government and other mental health agencies for all our clients. All counsellors who we employ go through regular clinical supervision by our leadership team to enhance the overall clinical effectiveness of our practice and to ensure that best practices and evidence-based treatment modalities are being employed.


Today we have over 32 counsellors, therapists, social workers and psychologists who speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, French, Korean, German, Hindi and Tagalog languages. Our counselling staff is professionally trained in substance abuse, family and relationship counselling, art and play therapy, IMAGO marriage counselling, co-parenting, relationship mediation, psychological assessment and testing, adoption preparation, vocational and life coaching and internet addiction among many others.  Thus, the most common issues and concerns we provide counselling in range from mood and anxiety disorders, panic attacks, eating disorders, marital unhappiness, grief and loss, HIV, human sexuality, anger management, work life balance, stress and anxiety, sleep disorders, social phobias, bullying, academic and work performance challenges, parenting, and child development among others.


Our counselling model has several goals for each of our clients. The first goal is that we do not "rush to judgment" and aspire to a "quick fix" culture. Due to our affordable fees, our clients are provided ample time and opportunity to carefully share their historic issues, developmental milestones and current concerns without the fear of running out of money and time. Hence, the first goal allows our counsellors to develop what actually contributes to a greater success in counselling: an engaging and deeper counsellor-client relationship based upon unconditional positive regard, genuine empathy, active listening and a deeper understanding of a person's character and personality. Our second goal in counselling then focuses on the client's character strengths, coping skills, personal and community resources, learning styles and resilience factors. It is one thing to resolve the issues in counselling, but it is as equally important to further strengthen our strengths for future issues in life. The third goal we pursue once we have established a safe and caring counselling environment with an understanding of a person's past and current life along with knowing and building their character strengths is to now define the presenting issues and the desired goals. Because of this third goal our counselling sessions are interactive between counsellor and client, looking at the options that address the issues and the consequences of employing those options.


- Well done is better than well said. -

Benjamin Franklin


Concurrently, our counselling model for children, teen and adults will have their own set of guidelines to ensure the counselling process is clearly understood, goals are realistic with guiding values, and that if there are any health and safety concerns our integrated and collaborative well-being system will ensure that all parties are informed and working in unison. Please feel free to read on about all services we highlight on our web site for children, teen and adults. We trust you will find not only an affordable and safe-caring counselling service for you, but also a counselling service that remains committed to lifelong learning by way of constantly reviewing its processes and standards of care to meet international standards of professional counselling.


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