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Academic Counselling


On Campus

St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service provides counselling for students who are children and teens (primary and secondary grade students) as well as their parents and families on school campus and off school campus locations. Our counsellors are qualified at the master and/or doctorate level with years of experience in dealing with today's challenges students and families are faced with: academic performance, bullying, substance abuse, co-parenting, self-harm, mood and anxiety disorders, grief, eating disorders, internet addiction, ADHD, divorce, sexuality and career planning to name a few. Our school counsellors are supported by a leadership team of clinical psychologists and clinical social workers who they consult with on a regular basis with their routine and difficult cases to ensure the mental health needs of the students are efficiently and effectively addressed. We also have a pool of supply counsellors on call to ensure consistent coverage on school campuses we service as well as stand-by counsellors who respond to emergency and crisis requests at a school site.


We also provide outsourcing resources for schools who are seeking full-time and part-time counsellors for their schools. Today more than ever pastoral care and/or school counselling is seen as a critical element in the overall development and support of a student. We work closely with schools who want to integrate a school counselling culture and integrated support system and at the same manage their operating costs. Our outsourcing school counsellor program is flexible with a yearly contract that includes numerous pro bono benefits to schools and colleges to include: medical malpractice, salary and MPF full payment, clinical supervision, case management, speakers for PTA events and school consultations.


Our Academic and School Counselling services also provide consultation services on Child Protective Services (CPS), mental health first aid training for school nurses and teachers, and basic and advanced counselling courses for teachers and school counsellors. Concurrently we also provide guest speakers for PTA meetings, lectures/workshops for students and parents, and the most highly sought after internship site for students who care to learn more about counselling and mental health. We are one of the few English/multi-lingual speaking mental health centres that has a dedicated clinical social worker team who collaborates with various Hong Kong government agencies such as the Social Welfare Department, Education Department Bureau, Family Court, Immigration, Hong Kong police and other non-government agencies to support children and teens.


St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service also provides psychological testing services in education, vocation and mental health assessments. Our testing services are done in English and Cantonese, all fees are on a sliding fee scale that make our service affordable. Our assessment and testing model is comprehensive, individually focused and supported by clinical social workers, therapists and psychologists to ensure that the after testing needs of that client can be meet in an expedient and affordable manner.



Off Campus

St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service has one of the largest set of counsellors, clinical social workers and psychologists for the Hong Kong community. As a long-standing charity since 1997 our fees are very affordable with special packages for child and teen counselling. As a result of our affordability and comprehensive range of services, schools and colleges on a regular basis refer their students and families to us for counselling support. Our counselling services are provided in a confidential, private, modern, safe feeling, warm and cozy facility with an art therapy room, play therapy room, and 11 counselling rooms for children, teens and adults.


Our counselling philosophy with children and development (learning and play) is simple: children with a good mood and children who do things that are good for them are more successful in school (learning, mastering, achieving) and eventual adulthood. Our counsellors are attentive to the vital elements that make counselling successful with kids: building a safe and caring counselling environment, not placing negative labels or "pathologizing" children, listening - not correcting - when children tell their stories, helping them define and express their thoughts and feelings, and explore behaviors and consequences that enhance their self esteem and strengthen their resilience.


We provide individual, small group, parenting and family therapy in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, and Japanese languages. Please visit our Client Counselling web pages to further understand and see the numerous counselling services we provide for children, teens, academic staff and parents.